How much will I pay?

Simulate the cost of your trip with the Taxi-Link simulator. Specify the point of origin and of destination and we will give you the approximate value of your trip. It is also possible to specify any supplements, such as luggage, choosing between the day or night rate and adding the cost of the call.

High-technology at your service

Politáxis is supported by high-technology in all stages of a taxi request. The system was developed by Geolink, the leader in the Portuguese market. Several calls can be answered directly by our robot Josefina, with whom you can interact via the keypad on your phone. Each car's location is known at all time due to the GPS/GPRS devices fitted in the fleet. Depending on the location of each car, a computer program calculates which car will better serve each customer and electronically sends the request to a specific taxi. All this is done in real-time shortening the whole process.

The NDrive navigator within each vehicle is automatically initiated when the request is received. As a result the taxi navigates to your doorstep without errors or delays.

In 90% of cases, our passengers are collected within 5 minutes of the taxi request. We are unbeatable in the efficiency with which we arrive at your door. We offer several ways to call a taxi: whether it be through the conventional phone call to our robot operator or to a human operator, or through the Taxi-Link app, available for iOS and Android. This app allows you to call a taxi with only a few taps on your smartphone or tablet device.